Product Parameters:
Name: Video intercom system for Digital calling apartment
Mode: LSD-892R11CI

Product Specification Packing list Others

7”inch TFT LCD display
Hand-free intercom for clear voice.
Monitoring the door.
16 melody rings for option
Brightness, chroma and melody volume adjustable
Wire requirement
Outdoor unit to signal allotment :8 wireRVV5x0.5mm²(RVV4*0.5+RVV2*1.0+ RVV2 SYV75-5-96)
Signal allotment to indoor unit :8 wire RVV5x0.5mm²
Lock connection :2 wire RVV2x0.2 mm²
Power supply connection :2 wire RVV2x0.2 mm
Installation method :surface mounted.